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Message to the student

It’s a matter of great pleasure that the Web site of the college has been created. Through this college website I wish to convey my sincere greetings and good wishes to the College family and to the students as well who are already enrolled or intend to enroll themselves both in regular or vocational Courses. The basic goal of education is to constitute or build character of a person. Education in modern days should be innovative, meaningful and preferably job oriented but at the same time it should be backed with ethical values   and should have emphasis on character building. Education is a process which enlightens the students and put different thoughts and ideas in the mind of the students.

Most of the students joining the college need not be told what is good or what is bad as most of them are in mid teens and matured enough in deciding the same. Yet in the college where they join, have high expectation. Having completed more than twenty seven years of service I can understand every year thousands of students join.  Some go on the top,  some remain at the middle level where as most of them remain at the  bottom  Here are some of the suggestions for the students, which if taken up seriously and in the right earnest,  is bound to yield  good results.

Every students enrolled in the college should not be there. Many students enroll in the college for a variety of reasons viz pressure from parents or family or the mistaken idea that everyone needs a university education to succeed in life. The primary reason, a student should enroll in college is “joy of learning”.

A college education involves hard work, discipline, dedication, taking responsibility for one’s action and participating in education oneself.  A college education requires much more work than play. If you find more time for playing and less time for reading you are heading for problems. Try to budget your time for   reading or writing task, and utilize the same amount of time discussing with your fellow friends who really are serious.

Become a habitual reader. There is no substitute to reading even in today’s high tech day which includes Electronic print also. Read daily news paper and at least one current affairs periodical. Read poetry and nonfiction, which no teacher has assigned to you.  Make positive use of web only, quit browsing, and turn off your cell phone. Find time for your extracurricular reading even if it’s half an hour before sleep.

Cultivating good friendship with your dear friends will be an asset. Cultivate your skills in conversation and friendly arguments –with these friends. Always have a very broad outlook and always see things from Positive angles. Never allow negative thoughts to preoccupy your mind and also never think negative of others even if they have done something wrong to you. It will ultimately affect your mind and will have an adverse bearing on your personality.

Your behavior in the classroom is important especially when you are communicating with professors you have to be polite. Never sleep, never eat in the class and never make use of cell phone. Feel free and never be shy in asking question to your teachers.

In the last I only conclude to say that responsibility is yours. You have to take up the same no one else will. “Help Shape your Future because future lies in your hand” Never blame Destiny. Remember God helps only those who help themselves. Time is running fast. Remember an old maxim “Time and Tide waits for none”.

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