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Core Values

Our focused in Core Values are………

1.To enhance and promote excellence in teaching and learning

  • To support faculty with the necessary resources for professional and personal development.
  • To provide the necessary resources to meet the dynamic learning and developmental needs of our students.
  • To develop, encourage and support effective and innovative teaching and learning environments and
  • approaches that will assist the college in adapting to changing student academic needs.
  • To increase and strengthen transfer opportunities with educational institutions and affiliations with educational partnerships.
  • To explore all new educational delivery and related administrative systems.
  • To assess effectiveness in the teaching and learning environment.
  • To ensure that the goals and standards of the college’s academic programs are achieved.
  • To promote the maximum achievable graduation rate for students.
  • To provide and maintain an environment that is conducive to teaching and learning.
  • To develop new academic programs, new certificate programs, and/or new courses; and/or to revise current academic programs, certificate programs, and/or courses in response to identified needs.

2.To develop and support a student centered collegial environment.

  • To promote and provide friendly, informative and supportive services for students.
  • To create opportunities for student engagement and learning outside the classroom.
  • To develop a systematic and integrated approach to student persistence and success.
  • To maintain and enhance a comprehensive enrollment management system to achieve and maintain effective recruitment and retention of students.
  • To provide effective academic advising for all students.
  • To develop and maintain a comprehensive scheduling system and course schedule that is driven by student needs.
  • To increase awareness of student support services, policies and campus events.
  • To foster and promote student responsibility and involvement in his/her education.
  • To promote safety and civility within the college community.

3. To promote the integration of pluralism within the college community.

  • To develop and promote institutional programs and processes that embrace diversity.
  • To promote affirmative action and equal employment opportunities to increase the number of faculty and staff members from under-represented groups.
  • To increase the recruitment, retention, success and transfer of students from under-represented groups.

4.To maintain and improve administrative services.

  • To maintain and regularly assess the college’s institutional planning process.
  • To regularly assess the effectiveness of all areas under administrative services.
  • To promote communication, cooperation and shared decision making among administrative and academic departments.
  • To ensure fair and equitable performance evaluation, promotion and compensation systems for all faculty and staff.
  • To support the staff with the necessary resources for professional and personal development.
  • To promote a non-adversarial and collaborative approach to the bargaining process.
  • To provide a clean, safe and accessible environment which meets the needs of students, faculty, and staff.
  • To promote fiscal responsibility and accountability.
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